Mugs are often associated with coffee but in fact, there are billions of people who drink tea. And they would like a mug that showcases their preference for this beverage.

There’s something about a cool-looking or a well-designed mug that makes you look forward to drinking a cup of invigorating tea in the morning, in the afternoon, at night – or basically at any time of the day you feel like it.

But what mug designs today can really create an impression on the tea-loving user? Here are some cool suggestions you can try out.

Heat Changing Mug

This one is quite popular and creates a very “surprise-y” feel for the mugs. They’re perfect as a gift for a tea-loving person who would likely appreciate how the color of the mug changes thanks to the heat. The exterior of the mug usually starts off in plain black and as you pour in that hot, hot tea – the surface changes into a pre-determined design. Definitely a cool way to start the day.

Tea Compartment Mug

There’s nothing like being able to squeeze out every bit of tea juice out of the packet for an incredible taste. If you want to make the most out of each bag without the messy squeeze, you can opt for a mug that comes with a built-in compartment that lets you squeeze the tea completely out of juice.

Biscuit Pocket Mug

Of course, most people like to drink their tea with a snack on the side. Perhaps a biscuit or a cookie? If this is you, you’d be glad to know that there are tea mugs designed specifically to hold small bits of snacks. The days when you had to juggle your phone, a mug of tea, and a plate of cookies are over!

“This Is Not Enough Tea” Mug

Short, simple, and accurate – this particular tea mug design really tells the world exactly what you’re thinking as you take a sip of the beverage. This has been done with coffee of course, but there’s something about swapping the word “tea” that creates a whole new feel for the mug.

Couple Tea and Coffee Mugs

Salt and pepper shakers are often sold as a set – so why not mugs for the coffee and tea drinker? The two mugs can be designed as a set – properly indicating what the mug would be for. This is perfect if you drink both beverages depending on your mood or if you SO happens to be a coffee drinker – this is always a good choice to have on the cupboard. This way, you’ll always know whose mug is on the sink!

Funny Handle Mug

Sometimes, you don’t have to change the whole mug and make custom coozies for it in order to create an eye-popping tea mug design. Changing one simple aspect of the mug can do wonders for it. For example, some people changed the handle to something more interesting like the tail of an animal, a handle of a gun, or perhaps for the more adventurous – a replica of a human body. It definitely adds a certain level of fun to the whole tea-drinking business.

Witty and Funny Quotes

There are literally thousands of possible quotes, words, and statements that can be put on a mug to make it more fun for the typical tea-drinker. Perhaps a quote from a favorite movie or a cool “timeline” stamp for each tea level. Hidden message mugs – such as when the words are printed on the bottom of the mug – can also present a hilarious take on designs.

Inspiring Good Morning Mug

A mug with a simple “Good Morning” message on the surface can go a long way in making you feel invigorated for the rest of the day. Who says all mugs have to have something funny or witty on the surface? This design is a classic and would apply to anyone and everyone. Add in a bit of tea leaves on the surface design and you have something that no one will feel awkward using.

Of course, those are just some cool mug design for the tea-drinkers out there. Truthfully, the size, shape, and design of the mug can often add to the sensation and the taste of the tea. This is why you should be careful about what mug to use because this can literally set the tone for the rest of your day. You can never have too many mugs if that’s what helps you get up and enjoy your day.